My practice in sculpture has become concerned with that of the exploration of imagery and materials relative to that of time, ruin, and memory in order to produce new and testing works. The predominant use of metal in my work has allowed me to explore scale by producing large sculptures and explore its aesthetic position in relation to such themes. Using narrative in both a personal and historical context i hope to create a body of work that becomes relational and universal to those viewing it. Using metal which is predominantly  viewed as an industrial material has not only allowed me to explore the craftsmanship involved in the construction of such pieces, but also the long term implications of basing my practice around craft as opposed to concept; Making a clear stand against the rapid decline of skill based art making. 

Metal as a material performs transient and ever changing functions in our day to day lives. Steel for example builds power lines and props up buildings; it’s also used to create delicate products such as needles and jewelry. Using this as inspiration I have recently embarked on bespoke jewelry collection as a collaboration with clothing company Terrible Movement.  Creating stand alone pieces which redefine the balance between the toughness and beauty of raw material, the industrial and the delicate.. 

I am also part of 22-piece 'alternative choir' called Gaggle. We perform all over the country and internationally, whilst wearing weird bright costumes and facepaint. We have been involved in all sorts ranging from Women for Women International, the Womens Library, fashion shows, videos and music Festivals. 


2012 - Present

3D Large Technician
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Freelance Metalworker
Creative Metalwork LTD

Jewellery Design and Maker
Terrible Movement LTD


Old Vic Tunnels
Technical Site Intern

Focal Point Gallery
Exhibitions Management and Marketing Assistant.

Event and Exhibition Assistant
Kai Althoff – a retrospective curated by Saim Demircan 

Editor and Assistant
Outrageous Fortune
Slim Volume Publications
Hayward Touring, Arts Council England, Focal Point Gallery

Primary Researcher
Nexus Productions
Jim Le Fevre BBC Feature- 'Holy Flying Circus'

Art Department
Sony Music Video for Dry the River and Academy Films. 
Director Corin Hardy. 

Studio Assistant 
Lightning and Kinley Face. 

Art Director’s Assistant, Art Department
Academy Films, Sony Music Ollie Murs’ 'Busy'. 
Director Corin Hardy. 

Performer and Participating Artist Collaboration The Women’s Library The Brilliant and the Dark, Artistic collaboration and development, consisting of a re-interpretation of the original 1969 opera originally performed by 1000 women in the Royal Albert Hall. 
Director: Ben White, Curator: Anna Colin

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Live performance, discussion and talks, of the development of the previous Women’s Library performance.

Studio Assistant
Hew Locke, ‘For those in Peril on the Sea’, 2010 Folkestone Trennial. 

Sadie Coles HQ
Installation and Artist Assistant
Jim Lambie: ‘Television’,. 

TOPSHOP Designer S/S ‘07 collection.
Arcadia Head Office 

Exhibitions and Publications

Pop-Up Art Gallery, July 2013, Schoneberg, Berlin
Arcane Gallery, December 2012, Insomnia
Central Saint Martins, July 2012, Degree Show 
SlimVolume Publications and Hayward Touring; Outrageous Fortune, Editor, 2012
Camden Arts Centre, May 2011, Group Exhibition
Tiny Dancing, 2010, published Illustration

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