Atelier Monday

Gallery Residency

16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow

Atelier Monday run by 16 Nicholson Street Gallery was a 3 month residency programme for emerging artists in Glasgow, which ended with a group show with the other 4 participating artists. 

The aim of Atelier Monday was to share ideas and as a group investigate ways of seeing and talking about our practices, things that inspire us, and critical awareness. The core of the programme is the one on one meeting each participant has with their appointed mentor alongside  group meetings, studio visits and discussions throughout the programme.

During this time Leila was exploring the materiality of sculpture through video works. A new endeavour that has pushed her practice into new realms of exploration and experimentation. 

The image above is taken of the installation of works that derived from the residency. 

'Occluded Apparition' 2017, video animation, resin, hair, and steel sculpture

'Your wounds my Flesh' 2017, video work of sculpted fabric work, installation. 

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